What is the definition of royalty free music? Royalty free music is a type of licensing related to music that involves one-time payment of a music license and can be used as many times as desired. It may come with a composition or a song that is often used in a television commercial, a movie or any corporate production without additional cost. As by the term, royalty-free, this is paying the copyright owner for its intellectual property ownership, so one can obtain the license or right to use a material for personal or business related purposes, private or public viewing or exposure.

In this relation to the music industry, a song writer or a composer is a copyright holder that has his own copyright material which is a song or a composition, and it is illegal to use it to generate income or profit apart from listening without intent to advertise or gain money from it.  A permission should be obtained from the copyright holder through the person himself or his legal representative, otherwise legal charges may be filed to the person who unauthorized used the material for the above mentioned. Be reminded though that there are different types of licensing that also differs in terms and conditions of usage, project, period and content. Large companies maybe able to avail pay per use or pay per project, however taking into consideration small enterprises or businesses, royalty-free came into existence.

Royalty-free music serves as a simple and effective solution wherein internet users can download volume songs or music by just paying a one-time fee to gain the right to use it under the terms and conditions of the purchased license. You have to take note that these types of licensing doesn't include rights for "public performances".  Know more about free music in

But for broadcasting or using it publicly for setting it as a background music in a radio, film or television show, one can just pay organizations for performing rights to gain rights to broadcast or play any music in public, since the actual fees are paid-off by the broadcasting companies themselves.

Royalty-free music is sometimes referred to as "production music" or "stock music", however the terms and conditions differ. You can visit our website for more information like downloading your music with your mobile device hassle-free and stress-free. You can create your own music library with your favorite latest and classic songs for a very reasonable cost. View website for more info